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marketingCompanies depend on marketing and advertising campaigns to grow and stay healthy. When it comes to marketing you should keep in mind that tracking effectiveness is important for success, and no one can afford to throw money away. Here are two ways you can track your campaign’s effectiveness:

Call Tracking
Many people we speak to are unaware of what call tracking is all about. Call tracking creates a data log of any phone calls received. A phone number can be published on a website, landing page or newspaper ad. The call tracking system then logs the call. The call log contains the phone number, time, duration and the town where the call was made. There is an option to record the calls, which can help you see how employees answer and handle the phone. These reports can be e-mailed on a schedule that is most convenient for you.   Read more.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics can provide information to help you improve website and landing page performance (more leads and sales). Read more.

Reports Contain:
• How visitors found you, keywords they use on a web search
• Web traffic from referring websites or directories
• Bounce Rate: Did the visitor bounce off the home page of your website
• Where the visitor exited the website
• Goal Tracking: How many visitors see a specific page, register, or fill out a form

Both methods of tracking can help you tune your campaigns.

Consider this:
Do I have Google Analytics installed on my website?

How many visitors go to my “Home” page and don’t return?
Is there an effort or plan to improve my websites performance?
Do I have call tracking set up on my print and online advertising?

Are the reports emailed to me weekly?
Do I make decisions based on “gut feeling” or results?

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