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As a business owner or sales manager you need to develop an action plan to attract new customers or patients to your business.  Here are five actions you need to take.

Established a budget for your company’s marketing and advertising.  Depending on your industry and how aggressive you need to be, budget run between 2% to 6% of gross sales.

Referral Program: Customers or patients are the best salespeople. Referrals from your happy customers and patients are the best source for referrals.  People like to do business with people they know and referral business is as valuable mined gold.  Start mining!

Have a great website and keep it current.
Your business should never be the best kept secret. Creating a website allows your business to have a hub for online marketing efforts. Make sure your website represents your company, products, and services well.  Keep your website up-to-date with rich relevant content.  Google and other search engine reward you for keeping current and relevant.

Create a Facebook business page, Twitter account and blog.
  A surefire way of attracting new customers is being well aware of the fact that people enjoy doing business with those they know. Not only is it important for your business to have a company website, but also access to social networks. Social media outlets such as Facebook and LinkedIn can offer visible connections and prompt calling from interested parties.

Finally, make good use of phone call tracking and Google Analytics.
These methods determine the success of your campaigns and can track specific web pages.
Consider this:
Do I have a budget in place?
Is the money I spend bringing in the best results?

Consider this:
Do your receive referral business?
Do you have a referral program in place?

Consider this:
When was the last time your website was updated?  Is your website dated?
Is your website bringing in new business or new patients?

Consider this:
Do you have a Facebook page?
Do you a Twitter account?
Do you have a Linkedin account?
Do you have a clear understanding of how social networks can help your business?

Consider this:
Do I track my online presence?
Is my web and social network presence effective?
Is my campaigning effective?

Let’s review your online presence and see if we can do better!
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